• @jonne
    44 months ago

    Ok, let’s break this down, because you’re being willfully obtuse here:

    said the shop would no longer rent gear such as sleds, skis and snowshoes to “our Jewish brothers” after a series of “very annoying incidents” — including the theft of a sled.

    This is a rental shop, in the context of this business, theft means that someone rented a sled and didn’t bring it back. A rental shop knows exactly who they rented something to, so it’s likely they knew it was an Israeli citizen/Jew. So we can at least be sure that the shop is making the accusation that a Jew stole a sled, I don’t know why you get so hung up on that.

    Now, is it racist to put up a sign that bars a whole group of people based on a few incidents? Yes, obviously, and nobody here is denying that.

      • @dubyakay@lemmy.ca
        14 months ago

        Holy shit, you should just clarify your point. You are getting massive down votes because you are just being terse. Here, I will help you:

        The article doesn’t say anywhere that Jews stole anything. It says there were incidents of theft, but nowhere does it mention that the perpetrators were Jewish. The owner of the shop put a sign discriminating against Jewish people regardless, because they are racist fucks.