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  • Can anyone prove definitely that corrupt politicians are trying to keep poor voters from voting?

    Still seems like an assertion that’s a matter of opinion.

    Did anyone throw the same fit about driving cars? You have to take the same time off work and get all the same documents to do literally every other civil function: legally drive to work, open a bank account for direct deposit, get a credit card, get medical treatment, get insurance, file taxes, etc. You have to pay for transportation to the grocery store if you don’t have a car.

    Why is just one political group making a fuss about it, which seems to be really focus on voting? You only vote once in a while. You do or use those other examples every day.

    I feel like a larger issue is just being exploited for political people to make victom statements.

    Why is voting less important to prove identity than buying alcohol?

    I’m not a citizen of this country. You’re saying I can/should vote? That’s illegal, but what stops me. I could do it a bunch of times too, I just go to different places.

  • I get it, but I disagree. I don’t it’s about voting, I think it affects voting.

    I’d rather fix the poor problem than allow voter fraud.

    The fees for everything we need government services for, like getting a document is outrageous. Why the he’ll do we pay taxes to fund government agencies local/state/etc and then still pay fees?

    That’s double taxation. I think that’s the real fight on poor people. That document fee is over some people’s hourly wage, but yet it’s required.

    That’s about like having to be in debt in order to build credit. It all serves to take money from working class to wealthy.

  • So when I read this, don’t think: “Let’s stop ID’ing people when they buy alcohol or weed” (someday), but instead I think: “Why aren’t IDs free!?”

    If it’s critical and a civil need to ID people for all sorts of valid reasons, then it should be free/tax funded.

    I’d rather tax money cover something like IDs than hear agreements about trying to restrict fraud. If you want to prevent voter fraud, eliminate reasons that allow the conditions to persist.

    Thanks for the read. I do t have an easy idea for the time. Indiana BMV was massively improved a while ago. Maybe we need more of that. There’s probably no getting around taking the time to establish identity or dealing with stupid documents. We have to start somewhere.

    …or the government records your DNA at birth, then we’re good. - j/k, that would scare everyone into rage and riots 🙃

  • Could you legitimately explain this? I keep hearing that, but as far as I can tell, it’s not harder than:

    ID: Buying alcohol, cigarettes?

    Register: Free, fill out stupid card?

    Prov identity: Get financing, open bank account, drive car - nope you don’t get arrested for not having license anymore? This list is way harder than voting.

    Why is voting hard?

    They look at my drivers license and then I p ress buttons.

    I don’t even have to be sane, educated one way or another, sober, etc.

  • It’s pretty plain to see IBM afraid of loosing vendor lock-in, but running a software solution designed for an open or distributed platform shouldn’t be that big of a threat, right?

    All their selling points for z series are the insane hardware performance, redundancy, and tuning.

    Isn’t it unlikely you’re going to get that on some virtual or abstracted mainframe platform?

    If I was one of the businesses that’s been paying the fortune keeping IBM mainframe alive, I’d stay on it. They measure profits in the billions and saving some money going away from IBM and risking loosing countless dollars per minute seems like a risk…

    Oh wait, I forgot, all American Corps are currently (since the 80s-ish), worthless greedy fucks solely focused on short term profit and stock price regardless of long term consequences. Maybe they should save some money on one of the things that’s helps make them billions…I bet that golden goose tastes amazing 😄

  • RedFoxOPtocybersecurityTechnical Controls
    3 months ago

    How far do you guys go?

    'All of it’s or until it’s inconvenient?

    What’s the pain tolerance for when everyone says it makes the job too hard?

    Ever compared CIS controls to STIG ACAP?

    I’ve only ever used SCAP for a few reasons z but one being it’s free.

  • Thanks for the insight.

    It’s a shame we still can all just get along. That saying is lame, but it’s ultimately the goal.

    One of my ideas, that isn’t terribly realistic or shouldn’t have to be resorted to, is to locate our selves in regions that are more welcoming.

    There was a person at my work who was lesbian, which I suspected, but they weren’t open. One day at a social event, they brought their wife and brother (for support) and made public. I was stupid and didn’t put all that together until then.

    They moved to Washington State and both have great jobs now. I felt like part of that move was related to moving to a region known to support their life style more welcomingly, at least compared to Indiana.

    You shouldn’t have to do that, but if I could stack enough chips to afford doing that and needed to, I would.

    I said above that you shouldn’t have to do that ever. No one should be treated like shit by whole groups of people, political, religious or other wise.

    I like the idea of states competing for talent and opportunity. Washington also tried decriminalization of all drugs. Lots of people nay sayed. I thought it was great. They tried an experiment instead of just listening to a bunch of wind bags. That didn’t work as it was implemented, but we all got real world data, and identified other failures of legislation that went beyond just drugs (treatment, transportation issues, logistics, funding,.etc). I might be all talk though, I would not want to conduct that here.

    Weed is the same way. All the states doing it are eventually going to have eliminated all excuses for now allowing it. Some states still might never. That’s ok. People can shuffle around based on what’s important to them.

    You shouldn’t ever have to be subjected to mistreatment just for who you are though, anywhere in America.

    I hate both our parties, most of all politicians, and a large majority of our policies in their current form. There’s no one for me to vote for, and no national pride in what they do or represent.