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  • I’m very excited about this because it means distros can consider shipping fully signed drivers built by the maintainers instead of this (what I consider to be) DKMS jankiness that builds the source part of the modules locally. I prefer to run with secure boot enabled, but the MOK system DKMS requires seems like an escape hatch. By default the signing keys are just another file on the same system. That’s really not a good way to run secure boot.

    We can even talk about upstreaming the drivers with the GPL-compatible licensing. That’s huge.

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    As an autist, this simplifies into never approach women just to be safe because I suck at reading people and they won’t just tell me they rather not.

    I don’t blame them but it’s a really shitty situation overall. How can you get better at flirting if you don’t practice/get feedback and accept rejection graciously?

    Meeting my wife was nothing short of a miracle.