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  • Really liking this update a lot, the community jump feature is great! Been using it so much I’ve noticed myself tapping the screen at the top now as a muscle memory haha! Two quick notes on it, it might make sense to have a small UI element (like a pulldown arrow) to show future users that it’s there and would it be possible to enable it when reading posts as well as browsing communities?

    Also, I think it’s awesome that you’re trying to avoid subscriptions. Might be worth a small blurb about that along with a “donate if you can but don’t worry if you can’t” type of thing somewhere in the app and we’ll help you keep the server going :) Even just on the “About” page in the settings, it was the first place I looked for it.

  • One more idea I had, maybe an icon for when the post title and article title don’t match could be displayed next to the title? Like how the baby emoji is displayed next to new users. This could be a feature everyone, even non-mods, would find useful as they’d be able to see who’s messing around with the headlines.

  • fry@fry.gsOPtoAvelon App@lemm.ee[Feature Request] Mod Tools
    9 months ago

    A few ideas as places to get started:

    • Community Modlog available in client
    • Remove post / comment
    • Ban user (with checkbox to remove all posts)
    • Community search box (used to check duplicates and certain bad words) (also mod action should be able to be taken from search results)

    More advanced options that would be awesome to have and would give features even the web UI is missing:

    • Thread nuking (recursive delete) as some threads devolve into totally toxic chat wars and I just want to remove a comment and all under it (the starting point could sometimes be a few replies in and not necessarily a top comment)
    • Search lists with regular expressions where I can one button run an advanced search list on a community I moderate with the matches highlighted within the comments or posts returned
    • Push notifications for reports