FCC chair Jessica Rosenworcel has announced the agency’s plans to restore net neutrality protections. Previous rules, which prevented ISPs from blocking or throttling specific websites, were nixed in 2017 under the Trump administration.

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    The article is dated 2023, which kind of adds to it’s modern validity, so thank you for that. It does mention the use of “they are” referring to a singular person, as early as 1375. Looking into that further (off article), its use was generally only accepted when the gender of the person/animal was unknown. Regardless, I don’t have an issue saying “they are” when referring to an individual (a Trans, for example). The hella annoying physical reaction is when I try to use “they is”. So, follow-up question: “they are my friend” when referring to a Trans is fine? I mean, I don’t have to use “they is my friend”?