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  • Wren@sopuli.xyztoGames@lemmy.world[IMG] is [TEST]
    2 months ago

    I still can’t believe how on point the variant puzzles are. Each one removes the exact way the last one was solved, even when I thought I was being so clever with how I solved it. It’s like ‘congrats on solving it, I knew you’d solve it that way, so here’s a more difficult way’ like three times in a row

  • Wren@sopuli.xyztomemes@lemmy.worldI can't hear without them anymore
    4 months ago

    I’m right there with you

    Hate hate hate subtitles. I 100% agree sound mixing is absolute shite now, and I definitely understand why some people need them (as someone who has audio processing issues myself I really do get it)

    But I refuse to watch things with subtitles. They’re way too distracting. Either I’m reading them of I’m trying to ignore them but all my brain is saying is ‘don’t look at them don’t look at them don’t look at them’. Like if I wanted to read something, I’d have a book in front of me

  • Thank you - that’s absolutely it, which is why I’m not engaging with the other comments on this anymore, because it just feels like feeding the trolls at this point. I thought I was being quite polite and respectful in my response above. I have a lot of patience for people that don’t get it - but not a lot for intentional closed-mindedness. I’m trying to help make this place a more positive and welcoming community, that’s all. The EDC community here on Lemmy is too small to already start with the gatekeeping, it won’t do anyone any favours to be all ‘post what you carry and consider essentials… but not like that’

  • Aha yeah I know AO2 can be a little pricy, though they do have some great ones in the cheaper range: the Mini Hydras in SS/Delrin being one of them, which are $20. Great starter set, but it’s also impossible to outgrow them, pros. use them still. The weight (18g) is basically the goldilocks weight for most people, the bead shape is excellent

    You probably could get a pair from amazon or ebay for like $15 that would serve you well, but I’ve found those to be either way too light or way too heavy and the beads just kinda feel… shitty, and they might even be unbalanced because quality control is nonexistent.

    I don’t mean to sound like an aroundsquare shill, I just do genuinely love their products and the owner, Matt, is one of the coolest guys ever

  • *Skill toy

    I totally understand that it’s the kind of thing where if you get it, you get it and if you don’t, you don’t and that’s 100% fine.

    But to simply call these just fidget toys is very reductionist. They’re a hobby, just like anything else. You work at it and you build new skills, new tricks, etc. You can’t just use it right out of the box without spending a decent amount of time practicing

    Do you see a yo-yo or kendama as ‘fidget toys’ similarly? If so then at least you’re being consistent, but if you see that as a skill based hobby then you should try to reframe begleri into that category as well. It’s essentially a yo-yo on a smaller scale

    I personally don’t see the point in spending 1-2k on a set of golf clubs, but I don’t knock people for doing so - it’s their hobby. Whilst I can’t imagine spending ~400 on a watch, I have spent that amount for a fountain pen. Some people invest loads of money working on their car to be super cool, when someone else may look at that and think ‘and my car also gets me where I’m going at the cheaper base model’.

    Everyone has an interest that someone else would likely deem ‘a waste of money’, and that person in turn almost certainly has a similar hobby that will be judged.

    I try not to yuck other peoples yum. If it makes them happy and it’s not hurting anyone else, that’s what matters, that’s a positive thing

  • The dice bead is just tactile. It could be used as a begleri if I had another one and set them up as one, but it would probably be too heavy - at least for my play preference

    On Lemmy, sadly there’s not too many yet. I’m personally working on getting !idlehands@sopuli.xyz (general skill toy and fidget community) and !begleri@sopuli.xyz going, and there’s also !begleri@lemm.ee

    I mainly participate on Instagram, since that seems to have the most contributors begleri community wise. I can link awesome people to follow, if you’re on instagram

    There’s a few Discord servers that are active too, a begleri one and an Aroundaquare one. I can get you links later on if you like

    In terms of resources for learning:

    I got my first set in 2018, and stopped for a bit because I wasn’t really getting anywhere with it. For me what made a difference when I picked it back up again in 2021 was trying different physical combinations: bead shapes and weights, cord diameters, joiner lengths, etc. as well as finding a few clips online and downloading it to my phone so I could put it in slow motion and try to replicate it. It’s also a lot easier to learn if you’re just sat on a bed or carpeted floor or something similar. With dropping it, you’re just right there it’s a lot less frustrating when you don’t have to crouch down every two seconds to try again and it’s a lot easier to adjust the timing and whatnot when the attempts are closer together - I think I learnt at least half of the tricks I know being sat outside on the grass during a nice day. I would also recommend just having a set with you and doing rebounds when you have a chance, because getting a feel for how the momentum is carried will really help with getting the timing for other tricks

    Hopefully some of this is helpful!

  • Am I allowed to have a few? Because I can’t pick just one haha: Priory of the Orange Tree, Jane Eyre, Lord of the Rings series, A Song of Ice and Fire series (yes, even after the season that will not be named), Fingersmith, Rebecca, Redwall series. There’s more, but I feel like this is too many already 😅

    I have Devil House in my to read pile! I’m going to put it at the top of the stack now