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  • I probably won’t be using this too, as terms can change anytime. But I can’t seem to find the part where it says it’ll using it for training data. I read the verge article, bard blog as well as TOS that is presented when you want to opt-in to this, but didn’t see find it.

    Here’s the excerpt from the TOS:

    How data is used

    Bard processes your personal data that it gets from Google Workspace, such as your name and email address, and your private content, like emails or docs you created or received, and uses it to:

    • Provide Bard features to you. For example:
      • Summarize your emails when you ask
      • Share content at your request
    • Maintain Bard services. For example:
      • Recover from service crashes
      • Measure overall user experience

    Your personal content that Bard gets from Google Workspace is:

    • Not allowed to be accessed or reviewed by human reviewers
    • Not used to improve generative machine learning technologies that power Bard
    • Not used to show you ads
    • Not stored past the time period needed to provide and maintain Bard services