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  • Most European territories serve the USA’s geopolitical goals. Sanctions against Russia right now are part of that. There’s nothing moral about it. It’s simply a service to the USA for being in its sphere of influence. There is nothing, not a single shred of integrity in that.

    European countries must send a strong message that war in Europe is not worth it… hence sanctions. They are not dooing it because they “serve the USA’s geopolitical goals”.

  • I think it is broadly ok if your investment doesn’t exploit others.

    This could be investing in something a community can share like:

    • FOSS projects
    • Community gardens
    • Food banks
    • Non profit orgs

    However, like other people have said it is practical to invest in some things for yourself:

    • an emergency fund
    • Land you can live on (to protect against unpredictable rents)
    • even some stock and cryptocurrency is acceptable to some degree (imo) as in many countries large savings are required for old age.

  • uthredii@lemmy.mltoTechnology@lemmy.mlPlease boycott Brave
    3 years ago

    I don’t really agree that Brave should not be used because of a toxic fanbase.

    I think the best reason not to use Brave is that they are a marketing/advertising company that claims to give their users privacy. Advertising companies will always have an incentive to invade privacy as it increase add revenues. Brave is just copying Google’s business model with extra steps.

  • I still use reddit as it has content lemmy doesn’t.

    But yeah I think there is a lot of bots/shills that manipulate the conversation on reddit that doesn’t really happen on lemmy. This will happen on lemmy too if it gets big enough.

    Federation is also cool. If lemmy does end up full of bots/shills then someone could make a new instance with some new rules that help to reduce the number of bots (e.g. answer some questions about a post to comment or something).