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  • There are some places that have a crazy office politics environment (2007 Microsoft, I’m looking at you). If that is the case, I would just change jobs.

    However, if you just have annoying coworkers who are off topic, I would just steer the conversation back to work items (“oh, before I forget, can you tell me about [work related item]?”), then leave the conversation. Other tactics that work for me: look really awkward during personal conversation, never ask how someone is doing, wear headphones.

    Someone once told me it’s important to care, but not that much. This has also helped me.

    Beat of luck to you!!

  • I lived for years without a car and then when I did get one, I bought a super shitty one in cash ($650 20 years ago). If you are able to get out from a car payment, that could free up some cash.

    During other lean times, I’ve gotten rid of entertainment experiences like internet, Netflix, cable, etc. and used the public library to fill the gap. And during one extreme period, I held 3 not classy jobs (like 50 hrs/wk) to make ends meet. Not sure what the economy is like in your area, but the McDonald’s by my house pays $20/hr, which can add up on top of another job.

    If you can get yourself pointed in the right direction, you should consider taking that moment to think about how to position yourself for the future. There are some decent online degree programs (WGU is very affordable and can be done around full-time jobs), which may be worth a small amount of debt. Obviously this is not a “follow your passion” moment - get a degree in something that will make getting a job easier or increase your income. I made the mistake of getting my undergrad in philosophy, which made me basically unhireable. So I later got an MBA, which opened a lot of doors. This was an expensive and time consuming path - hopefully you can learn from my error.

    I also want to call out that it can be a heap of work, so if you are feeling tired and overwhelmed, that isn’t unusual (or a shortcomg on your part).

    Hang in there, you got this.