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  • While using a clean phone with nothing on it sounds like a good plan, it also looks very suspicious and can attract more attention. So take that into account when traveling regardless of the destination. Just like anonymization on your browser, the goal is to blend in, not stand out.

    Honestly, it depends a lot on where you’re coming from and what you look like. And to be frank, it’s a little overblown to be paranoid enough to go that far, unless you are a high profile person of interest like a journalist or someone involved in politics. If you’re just an ordinary bloke going on vacation or attending a conference, you will be fine with basic precautions.

    • Buy good walking shoes, not just basic sneakers. That pair of chucks or vans may look cool, but they are terrible for standing and walking for long periods. Your feet will thank you later.

    • Download offline maps so you can find your way if you lose data/reception.

    • If your travel is focused on going around and not staying put at your accommodation (i.e. resort), don’t bother with getting super expensive hotels. What’s important is that it’s clean and safe. You can use the money saved for when you’re actually going around.

    • Save scans of your passports and other important documents on your phone or somewhere online, in case it gets lost or stolen.

    • Bring a pen. You’ll need to fill out forms as you enter and exit ports. It’s a hassle having to borrow a pen from other travelers.

    • Bring a small pouch bag for you phone, wallet, keys, and passport. That way you can securely carry it with you wherever you go without dragging around your luggage. Edit: Here’s a prime example of why a small bag you can wear on your body is helpful. Happened just a few days ago: https://youtu.be/xEUtmS61Obw

  • Have you ever lived in an actual third world country? Here’s some from my home country for each of your examples:

    • Corruption in government is worse and more blatant than what you see in the US. It happens at the top all the way down to the lowest levels. You sometimes have to bribe people just to get some services done. I once had to have a police report done for an auto accident. The officer had the report typed up and they just needed to click the print button. He then said I can pay a quick process “fee” to get the report now, or come back to get the report in 3 days. It was an hour drive to the station, but I didn’t want to pay a bribe, so I came back after 3 days.

    • Infrastructure is crumbling not just because of lack of maintenance, but because the cheapest materials are used and infrastructure is not built up to code. Every step of the process means a cut for someone’s own pockets, so you end up with a tiny amount compared to what was initially funded. Perfectly functioning roads are destroyed and rebuilt in perpetuity because contractors are in cahoots with local government to implement “projects” where they fleece funds by agreeing on a budget then switching materials to substandard quality and pocketing the remaining amount, with the politician getting a % of course. A section of the street in my childhood home is still unpaved 30+ years later just because no one bothered to finish it.

    • Homeless people in the US may still have access to food banks, shelters, charities, etc. Homeless people in thrid world countries may have nothing at all.

    • People lose power in the US due to catastrophies. We had random 12 hour blackouts and water shut-offs several times a month for no reason at all. Water isn’t potable in the entire country and you have to boil or buy water from filter stations if you want to be safe.

  • It’s kinda true in the sense that:

    • One side hates him because he tried to kill their god.

    • Another side hates him because he missed.

    • And another side hates him for attempting it in the first place because all it does is make an already very unstable political situation even worse no matter the outcome.