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  • In grade school, the teachers didn’t care about the content of our essays. They only cared about structure, grammar, spelling, etc. Which meant that most kids would restate the same thing fifteen times using slightly different words each time–not making a case by providing multiple arguments or pieces of evidence, just rehashing the same statement over and over. One of my teachers referred to it as “verbal diarrhea.”

    That there is some watery-ass verbal diarrhea.

  • Okay, so the players try chopping off a head, say the red one, and the whispers start to dissipate (and no heads grow back). Awesome! they think, and quickly dispatch the other two. But once all three heads are gone, five more grow back: green, blue, red, white, and different red, I guess? And the party is immediately beset by visions, which are somewhat clearer and more vivid than the last ones.