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  • If you have an OLED, I highly recommend a dualsense controller over Xbox since it added bluetooth-to-wake. Dualsense has gyro, rechargeable, and better back button mods in my experience. Plus, if you use the Xbox adapter, you have to reinstall the driver’s after every OS Update (although I believe there are some ways to get around this)

  • At first I thought you meant Beehaw in general had dropped off trending communities and you were happy to have fewer users 😆

    Thinking about it now, the recent months have become much more stable in my experience. Unfortunately, one of those “when things are going right, nobody will notice.” So I appreciate you drawing attention to this win.

    Thank you for all your hard work!

  • “While you have repeatedly claimed that the ACP is necessary for connecting participating households to the Internet, it appears the vast majority of tax dollars have gone to households that already had broadband prior to the subsidy,” the Republicans’ December 2023 letter to Rosenworcel said.

    That may be partly explained by the fact that many ACP recipients were getting a different discount under a predecessor program that ended once the ACP was implemented. The $30 monthly ACP benefit replaced the previous $50 monthly subsidy from the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program that started enrolling users in May 2021.

  • “True Pacifist” route is worth doing if you enjoy Undertale, it’s not terribly difficult and fleshes out the characters a bit more. If you’re thinking about going the other way, I would say play up through Undyne and see how that feels. Edit: also play Deltarune if you havent

    I really want to like Outer Wilds, but it just hasn’t quite clicked with me either. I’ve probably played about 10 hours but just keep bouncing off of it.