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  • metallic_z3r0tovegan@lemmy.worldDo animals have emotions like us?
    16 days ago

    You’re right, but in that vein it’s incredibly difficult to scientifically confirm that other humans have emotions outside of explicit communication. If you follow that line of thinking, you might as well assume that babies can’t really feel pain or something (which up until somewhat recently was the going assumption). You might not know, but it’s not unreasonable to assume they do unless proven otherwise, even if you don’t know what they’re feeling or to what extent.

  • Depends on the wasp, “wasp” includes so many species you might as well say “mammals aren’t good they’re useless and ontologically evil and deserve nothing but death” except there’s like 20x more species of wasp. Only a few wasp species sting, and those can go fuck themselves, but the rest are pretty cool pollinators or parasites of other insects (some of those insects harmful to humans, even). There’s a species of wasp that’s so small it’s 186 μm long on average (smaller than many amoebae), a few of them fit into and parasitize insect eggs, and during development remove the nuclei from their neurons so their brains can fit. They’re pretty cool tbh.

  • Part of me is still half-convinced that there are whole galaxy clusters of antimatter that are simply too far away from other clusters to produce any noticeable gamma rays, and the reason they didn’t interact near the beginning of the universe is the same reason the whole thing didn’t collapse into a super massive black hole: we don’t know yet, but probably along the same lines as dark energy. A lot of it did probably interact though and that’s where a lot of the CMB comes from.

    I’m definitely a lay person though, I’m sure an actual physicist can tell me that’s definitely not the case, I just don’t know why not yet.

  • You know the corollary to Arthur C Clarke’s “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic,” which is “Any sufficiently analyzed magic is indistinguishable from technology”? That’s what I think the explanation and manipulation of the electromagnetic force and strong and weak nuclear forces basically are. We just figured out the rules for how magic works, and now we manipulate them to make rocks think and show us pretty colors over vast distances, and can also explode cities with glowing rocks and weird gasses. Also we can make potent potions from strange biological and chemical essences that make the body do what we tell it, mostly. And we’re getting better at it (and would be getting better at it faster if it weren’t for metaphorical dragons getting in the way).

    Just because we can explain it doesn’t make it any less magic.

  • Future etymologists will conjecture that it has something to do with the popularization of an obscure lichen meme combined with a contraction of the word “submissive” within the BDSM context, and only started being used as an ironic punctuation to statements after another popular meme, similar to the origin of how “F” is used as a common, brief response to a tragedy.