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  • k_o_t@lemmy.mltoFuck Cars@lemmy.mlI love me some grassy trams
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    these tracks are in helsinki, and these are finnish trams, i think skoda may be exporting them to germany, and i don’t know what you guys do with them there, but these are pretty comfortable personally (even comparing to SBB trains, which travel so smoothly that it makes me dizzy, bc there’s very little sensory points of reference)

    you’re most likely having a poor experience bc the tram tracks have fallen into disrepair, bc even comparatively old trams (from the 1970s and the like) can be pretty comfortable on proper tracks (take budapest, their fleet consist largely of older models, but due to good track maintenance and relative straightness of tracks themselves, it’s a pretty good experience)

    not sure why you’re extrapolating your particular experience onto something so vast and vague as “public transport systems outside of china and singapore”, not to mention that a decent amount of comfort is a baseline that good systems of public transport operate off of, with accessibility, frequency and location being more important factors

  • idk maybe it’s just frivolous thinking, but imo since social media is corrupted by corporate profiteering brought about by venture capitalists, a social media platform that can be scaled and run very cheaply and in a decentralised fashion (think JUST text posts, all media has to be somehow hosted externally) could genuinely succeed, and be BOTH a mainstream place, while also being friendly to its users, and creating a friendly and cozy environment 🤷‍♀️

  • i’m not sure where you grew up and live, but as someone who grew up in a very large city (10m+), i can tell you that children aren’t stupid, if they grow up in an environment in which they’re given an appropriate amount of responsibility in the face of danger, while also explained the possibilities of danger and how to avoid it, they grow up to be pretty responsible, and certainly wouldn’t be endangered (or really bothered in any way) by something as trivial as grassy tram tracks

  • i’ve got a split ortho keyboard called corne (you can check my post history for assembly and final result pics), and for a split ergonomic keyboard i’d strongly recommend going for a wireless version (if available) and i wouldn’t recommend ortho layout unless you’re super committed (if you ever type on smth like a laptop, switch back and forth between ortho and non-ortho is a huge pain, while switching between split and non-split is perfectly fine)