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  • Again - DLSS is a low level engine feature. It should be implemented before there is even any content. Sure in a little indie studio the person doing the content is probably doing the engine stuff too, while they’re probably doing the music too, but for a game like Helldivers by a studio with about 100 people, the people doing the engine are not making content.

    In fact, lets look at what Arrowhead themselves say about their team that made Helldivers 2, hey?


    Engine Team We work on the core technology of our game - the engine. We’re currently using the Autodesk Stingray engine, which is written in C++. Our main focus is the engine runtime - performance, streaming and core systems. We care a lot about correctness and gathering data to make sound decisions.

    See how they’re not making content?

    Then there’s the “Game Code Team”. They collaborate with the content creators - Artists, Animators, etc.

    Game Code Team We work on the gameplay systems and features. We collaborate with Artists, Animators and all forms of Designers to create the best possible game experiences. We work with C++ and fast iteration times is a key success factor for us.

    Then there’s the Tools team: again, not making content

    Tools Team We’re responsible for the tools pipeline, such as the game editor. The various content creator teams are our primary customers and improving their workflows is our main concern. We maintain and develop various tools and software, and we work with modern C# .NET and WPF.

    See how they mention “content creator teams”? See how they work on the tools for those teams to use?

    You still want to carry this on? You think you know better than the people that make the game themselves?

  • if there are no grounds for a case on intellectual property infringement, one of which is “non-profit”.

    These guys have said right from the get go that they’re trying to profit off it though. Whoopsies.

    Also the fact that its the exact same code that Yuzu ran, which just settled with nintendo for millions of dollars, is going to influence any future cases.

    but at that point the courts might decide either way and litigation costs money.

    Yeah so like I said - they have to be prepared to fight nintendo or just shut it down almost immediately.