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    His stance on desktop security may be very hard. But his views are not far off from that of other known security researchers like Micay (Copperhead/GrapheneOS), Rutkowska (QubesOS), Matthew Garrett (Red Hat, Canonical), Solar Designer (Openwall) and others. They heavily criticize Linux and *BSDs to make us aware of all its shortcomings.

    Systemd is hated by hobbyists mainly because it invalidates a lot of their hacked together wisdom …

    Maybe these people dont hate systemd but want choices for a more minimal/barebones OS. Not to gatekeep Linux but to install a more energy-efficient, lightweight Linux OS for themselves like many Alpine, Debian and Arch users do. They believe in the KISS principle. The concept that less complexity equals better security (“less is more”).

  • Use some kind of hierarchical folder-structure like the Usenet does.
    Something like: unix.desktop.theming for all your desktop ricing/theming stuff, unix.lx.debian.doc for debian documentation, win.win10.winget for everything related to winget on windows 10, rl.bureau.finances for your finances, accounting, etc. …

    You can use the Browser Extension “QuickCut” to save your bookmarks in folders. Its really helpful when you work on a bigger project and have all the documentation weblinks at hand.