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  • PeachMan@lemmy.worldtoLinux Gaming@lemmy.worldGE-Proton9-10 Released
    10 days ago

    Wasn’t the Glorious Eggroll guy supposed to stop developing GE Proton in favor of a different, better way of doing it? I forget the specifics but I remember seeing that posted several months ago.

    EDIT: found it, it’s ULGWL, since renamed to “umu”. Anybody know if that’s still happening? I was under the impression that the guy was going to eventually drop Proton GE completely for umu. But maybe I misunderstood.

  • If you want a no-code solution, I recently created a homepage using GrapesJS (for free). I’m hosting it on Cloudflare Pages (for free). The whole setup was dead simple and almost completely free, I’m only paying for the domain.

    EDIT: oops, that isn’t technically self-hosted…but GrapesJS is a very cool tool for building a simple HTML website. Just make it looks like you want and it’ll spit out all the files you need for hosting wherever your heart desires. Caddy, GitHub, whatever.

  • I’m not expert, but I can tell you that Apple Silicon gave the new Macbooks insane battery life, and they run a lot cooler with less overheating. Intel really fucked up the processors in the 2015-2019 Macbooks, especially the higher-spec i7 and i9 variants. Those things overheat constantly. All Intel did was take existing architectures and raise the clock speeds. Apple really exposed Intel’s laziness by releasing processors that were just as performant in quick tasks, they REALLY kicked Intel’s ass in sustained workloads, not because they were faster on paper, but simply because they didn’t have to thermal throttle after 2 minutes of work. Hell, the Macbook Air doesn’t even have any active cooling!

    I’m not saying these Snapdragon chips will do exactly the same thing for Windows PC’s, obviously we can’t say that for sure yet. But if they do, it will be fucking awesome for end users.

  • If your budget is $150, then you need to look for used options on eBay. Look for Dell Optiplex or Lenovo ThinkCentre towers. You will not find specs that good in your price range. But maybe you can get a decent CPU and save money to upgrade your RAM later.

    MAYBE you’ll get lucky and find an old Dell server on eBay. Sometimes IT guys will sell their company’s old server for a profit. But I personally wouldn’t buy one of those, the monthly electricity costs are stupid.