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  • Aer@lemmy.worldOPMtoMildly Infuriating@lemmy.worldGatekeeping the Infuriating
    1 year ago

    I don’t actively discourage people from posting because I don’t find their opinion is good enough to post

    Like do you want me to just not moderate so people post porn and racist shit? Because I could just not and that is what you’re going to get

    I am talking about the kind of commenters who actively go out of their way to put an OP down deciding that somebody can’t post their opinion of something because it isn’t infuriating enough

    The point is everyone has different thresholds of what one person finds infuriating, I expressed what doesn’t infuriate me but I haven’t actively gone a crusade to remove posts because I don’t personally find them infuriating

    The modlog is fully transparent you can see for yourself what content is removed and why

    I suppose you just don’t want people to moderate? I do this as a volunteer because nobody else wants too. As it turns out few people really want the responsibility of doing this shit, it’s thankless and not for everyone

    The amount of false reports I see for things that aren’t a criteria to be removed people just do it because they don’t like what was said

    Those silently responding are doing exactly what I said I find infuriating, because something doesn’t infuriate them rather than just move on and find another post they are actively down voting, creating a hostile environment for people who want to join the community but haven’t yet because of how hostile it can be, it’s elitest behaviour and not constructive

  • Aer@lemmy.worldMtoLemmy Shitpost@lemmy.worldHelp Xi Find His Hair!
    1 year ago

    This comment thread is on fire, there are interesting discussions going on but most of it is getting to be to vitriolic for my tastes.

    Locking this shit down. We’re here for the memes… Not whatever the fuck is going on down here.

    For those here for the drama, scroll back up. There is no salvation here!

  • Your argument of semantics is not constructive to this conversation. You absolutely know what I am talking about yet you continue

    Spam is spam. The definition fits whether you like it or not I am not discussing it further.

    We are arguing over the proper use of this site. When I say site what I mean is platform and you know that. You’re just arguing about that again for the sake of it. Again, not constructive. Frankly it’s obnoxious

    When promoted to me by the site admins it’s always encouraged to subscribe to communities. Why is it there if you people aren’t supposed to use it? Why should I be forced into seeing posts from a user whose only purpose is to spam content. If all they are doing is reposting the same content over and over . What good is it for me to block multiple communities because of a single user? You’re bringing a tank to a knife fight. Then that restricts me from seeing posts from an entire community based on the actions of a single individual. Whereas blocking 1 person only stops me from seeing their posts. Oh well, who cares. If a user doesn’t want to see someone’s posts they can block them if they want too. They are well within their rights to do so.

    Why do I have to deal with the inconvenience of seeing the same post because someone doesn’t have good etiquette when using the website?

    You missed some pretty key details about how constantly posting the same post hinders it getting proper engagement. I know this shit, I have browsed this place long enough to understand that pretty well.

    You are arguing a different purpose for communities. My idea of the purpose of communities is having them as individual spaces. I have no issues if someone makes a LemmyShitpost or a Mildly Infuriating on another instance. That doesn’t bother me. The two communities can co-exist. It’s especially useful if it’s a case of two communities instances being defederated so allowing the posts to be seen by as many people as possible.

    People are actively telling you they do not like posts being spammed across multiple communities. That is lowering the quality of content here on Lemmy. Which makes Lemmy a worse platform than alternative places. Whilst well intended it isn’t a viable strategy. Not for keeping people happy.

    It just clogs up the All feed with the same post making any other posts hidden. This is not a good thing. It reflects poorly on this platform.

    Imagine if today everyone decided I am going to post an article to every news community across all instances. That would get pretty chaotic pretty fast, but I guess that’s not spam to you is it?

    Anyway. I am ending my discussion with you here. I have said what I needed to say. I made my points pretty clear where I stand on this.

  • Aer@lemmy.worldMtoMildly Infuriating@lemmy.worldIs there someway to stop this?
    1 year ago

    When you are sending out invites to friends you aren’t sending 50 invitations to all 50 of your friends. You are sending 1 invitation to 1 friend.

    The problem is the amount of which it is being reposted, and the frequency of the reposts. It’s literally not good for the website if you are just spamming the same content. I hate arguing semantics. If it’s repeated reposts, the word is spam. Unless you have another word for it. It is called spam that’s just how it is.

    Again, you haven’t really addressed what I’m saying. It’s low effort to repost the same post. It buries discussion when browsing All. If there are 10 posts of the same post; conversation is spread thin. I’m not against the reposting happening, I’m against the frequency in which a post is reposted.

    If I post 5 of the same article to 5 different communities in quick succession, people are going to only click 1 of 5 articles. Person A might go to the first one, Person B might go to the third article. Both leave comments but again, because they are sent to multiple communities in quick succession the article hasn’t got the same chance to see people discuss it Where as if it’s posted later, someone can respond to it and an organic discussion can form because it’s just the 1 article.

    I’m sorry, but to repost so quickly one after the other. It’s self-sabotage. It doesn’t make sense. It’s not productive to the website.

    I’m not saying you can’t have communities with the same content, but why the hell would I subscribe to 1 community if it has the same content as another. That to me defeats the point of a fediverse. You can have multiple communities, why do I want to go to another community that’s exactly the same as another? What’s the point with that?

    The problem with the fediverse is that subscribed communities isn’t prioritised so most people just stick to all without subscribing to individual communities so they can see all the content they’re interested in.

    Having multiple communities is great, You get to find the one that best suits your ideas of how a community should be run. If you don’t like the mods you can decide to use a different one. If you want more community you can find more similarly themed communities to get more content you’re interested in, but again I ask. What is the point of subscribing to Art Community 1 & 2 if Art Community 2 is just a duplicate of the first community. To me that is not the point of the fediverse.

    It’s not organic to constantly spam reposts. Also I’m talking about the LITERAL definition of spam:

    “spam noun : unsolicited usually commercial messages (such as emails, text messages, or Internet postings) sent to a large number of recipients or posted in a large number of places”

    as defined by Merriam Webster

    Something on-topic can still be spam, if it’s posted to a large number of places it’s spam.

    Trust me, I’ve had a long time to get to grips with Lemmy, I got LemmyShitpost and MildlyInfuriating off the ground. It wouldn’t be where it is if I hadn’t posted how I did, but I learned a bit and when I say it doesn’t work or help Lemmy to do what you’re suggesting. I mean it.

  • People are saying they don’t like the spam, it’s ultimately the choice of the user if they do not want to see repeated posts of the same item.

    I get posting to 2 communities of the same, but if you are filling multiple communities with the same post. You aren’t really adding anything. With the fediverse people can subscribe to multiple communities with what you’re suggesting, if everyone were to spam posts, which this is what it is. It’s spamming the same post across multiple communities. What you’re going to end up with is a bunch of redundant communities with a severe lack of orginal content. Which harms the community they are posting to more than it helps.

    Why should I subscribe to both News@lemmy.world and News@SmallLemmy if the small community is just reposted content from the first community. I get what you’re trying to say, but this kind of thing harms the communities more than it helps

    They can do this if they want too, but I’m not going to bother subscribing to a community with duplicate posts. That’s not the point of the fediverse.

    The beautiful thing about Lemmy is you can have multiple communities co-existing, producing their own unique content and be subscribed to all of them at once. Nothing against cross-posting but this doesn’t feel at all an organic way of sharing content. It feels forced and hampers discussion.

    People who are scrolling through all can see these posts, and will need to pick between 3 of the same post if they want to discuss it, It will spread comments thin. It makes more sense to just post it to one, then maybe wait before posting it again to another community.

  • So they should, child labour laws should apply to these kids just as any other business. The money earned from these videos need to be paid to the child. Even if it’s in a trust fund where the kid can take it out when they’re old enough and can make better decisions. Like child tv stars they need to only have to work a set amount of hours, no longer.

    When I say this I’m talking about toy channels, I’m not talking about the mumfluencer channels. This kind of constant forceful filming of their childrens every moment should be stopped, kids need to have privacy, it’s known to be detrimental to their mental health when they’re constantly documented, and they are also far more likely to get bullied because of it.

    I can’t begin to imagine all my bad childhood memories being immortalised thanks to a pushy parent who saw me as a money machines more than a person.