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  • Over the weekend taught the girlfriend how to ride her new motorcycle. Hours in a parking lot over the weekend. Watched her go from, “I’m not sure I can turn around in this parking lot.” To me asking, “You turning inside those cones just to show off now?”
    Much improved clutch control, turning confidence, first ride to the bar, first highway ride. Was fun watching those drastic improvements with two days of cone work.

  • Might to be rare, but they also had a massive temple located on the capital planet, very near the political and military centers on that planet. They served as generals in the Republic Army - the Army he likely served in before it was reorganized into the Empire. He would have known of them and their exploits, if not first hand, then from news and military reporting.
    Of course the EU (which Disney wiped away) would have tried to clean up George’s short sightedness.

  • There was a time where the tag line for Dark Souls was “Prepare to Die”

    That’s a neat fun fact, but I didn’t buy Dark Souls, known for its difficulty, I bought Elden Ring, notable for its beautiful open world and complex meandering story.
    Beating Malenia’s ducky dance or chasing the Elden Beast around the arena for half an hour is not as interesting as all the questions created by the multiple stories and characters in the world. Or how Marika has betrayed or been betrayed. How Godfrey was cast aside only to be recalled when The Order needed protecting. Or how Godwyn pollutes the world above his carcass.
    No part of the story will be diminished if the player is given a slight edge in combat. The combat often isn’t even that fuckin good, it’s just pattern memorization.
    Some of you try hards are just, ugh, go back and sit down on your shit bucket. The rest of us are trying to have fun with our video games.

  • Hmm… there’s a big difference struggling to make ends meat and > A significant share of wealthier Americans are coping with financial pressure by cutting spending, including dialing back restaurant visits and entertainment.

    That’s not struggling, it’s being irresponsible. I make over 6 figures and live in Southern California, and my only hard ships are self induced… motorcycles, motorcycle parts (I don’t need three motorcycles), gun parts, car parts, going out to eat, driving an old truck, new tools and beers ain’t buying themselves.
    You cannot make me sympathetic for the wealthy with stupid headlines.