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  • Yeah, these numbers don’t make sense.

    To explain the first panel alone, by removing the top ten earners from the data set, you’d move the median to.the lower end by 5 “slots”. I’m confident that there are more than 100 people in the USA who make between $65k and $75k (I know at least 25).

    If they mean the average/mean, that still doesn’t add up. Assuming that the US population is about 350 million and that 350,000,000 - 10 ~= 350 million.

    NGL, formatting the equations and walking then out step by step is a pain, esp on mobile, but the answer I came to is by multiplying the difference in mean values (~$10,000) by the US Population (350 million), which yields $300,000,000,000 or about 10 billion per person once evenly distributed.

    Elon Musk (2nd richest man in the world at time of writing) has a net worth of less than $5 billion rn, but the numbers here imply that the top earners in the US made at least 60x that amount.

    TL;DR: I’mma need some sources on this.

    Edit: on my app (Voyager/Wefwef) I can’t save draft comments to go look at the meme while commenting, so definitely have some things off from.what the meme was saying, but they’re close enough I’m leaving as it.

    Also, spelling/grammar