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  • There are numerous people in all positions in society who need some pretty hardcore vocational and occupational rehab. My main advocacy point has been for the chronically institutionalized (I have a whole philosophy that I teach other psych workers on how to approach patients who have spent most of their adult lives in correctional and / or psych facilities) but it’s worth mentioning that whether they deserve it or not, there’s some people in the higher echelons of society that essentially need locked up until they’re willing to accept addiction counseling for how they’ve sought and handled power (I’m very anti-death penalty, mostly because I don’t trust the state to administer it fairly).

  • It’s not the money they want to keep. It’s the stranglehold on people’s day-to-day lives by controlling the oil supply. Money or no money, if we switch to renewables or even just nuclear they lose footing. Money is just the tool they’re using to do it. Money could stop existing tomorrow and they’d find a different way to maintain their stranglehold. I feel like the only way out is to make their enforcers realize they will never actually get a cut but I have no idea how to do that anymore.

  • Actually that’s one of my top tips for choosing the best therapist when you do need one! It should feel a little like going to the gym; you should feel a little emotionally tired afterward for the most part. A good therapist will also be able to sense if you need to scale back for a week or two to recuperate though, but so would a good personal trainer, so the metaphor holds at least that far.

  • I don’t mean it in a literal sense, it’s just the best terminology I have so far to describe this constant expectation that an exchange of money has to occur for every interaction, and that the payee is expected to cater emotionally to the payer, often even to the extent of being abused, as is often seen in customer service.

    Its expanded so far beyond costumer service though, to the extent that its even starting to invade sectors where safety should be the primary focus, like Healthcare and transit. Yeah they should be comfortable, but the bulk of the resources should really be going towards safety (a lot of safer things are more comfortable anyway, your body being abused isn’t fun).

    And now, like I said, it’s even starting to invade people’s personal lives, and people are starting to essentially pay to be emotionally validated, whether it’s by a therapist or an onlyfans girl. I don’t want to sound like a doomer but they’re not gonna stop, its gotten too easy for everybody from restaurant franchises to betterhelp to take a monetary cut out of the dopamine you get from having a pleasant interaction with another human and as someone specializing in mental health I cannot describe to you how much that terrifies me.

  • Apytele@sh.itjust.workstoMicroblog Memes@lemmy.worldI don't find therapy all that useful.
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    In fairness the entire problem is that we’re overusing therapy to account for the fact that we basically paywalled supportive human relationships. A bunch of people are starting to use therapy to replace friendship instead of only using it for specific stressors / traumas or dysfunctions.

    Friendships can also be much more useful than therapy; a shift supervisor recently needled me into quitting on the spot and while my therapist just kinda nodded along and blandly validated my emotions, my actual work friend was able to personally confirm that that shift supervisor is fucking awful and I’m not even the first person she’s done that to. Guess which one made me feel better?