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  • Everything is gorgeous :)

    It’s like coming home after a long trip.

    I have found a bug though. Logging in to sh.itjust.works seems to cause crashes that other instances don’t (so far). Lemmy.world, ttrpg.network, and sopuli.xyz haven’t crashed at all so far. Haven’t tested any others yet since I want to take a bit to just enjoy the app.

    Seriously, Dawson, thank you for this :)

    Edit: found a very minor thing in the comment markdown menu. The >!spoiler!< markdown on lemmy is different than reddit uses. The >! Doesn’t work here.

    Spoiler is weird on lemmy. It’s

    ::: spoiler



    Supposedly. However, it doesn’t actually work at all in most apps.

    The reddit >! Works in sync, but not elsewhere.

  • Liftoff recognizes more than just lemmy.world.

    Go to the bottom right into profile. Upper right in the profile screen you’ll see a settings gear icon. Tap that, then select accounts.

    From there, it should be pretty obvious. But, yeah, it would be nice if liftoff had a front facing accounts section like most of the others do. Great app though!

    If you still don’t like it, connect and jerboa are currently the most reliable, with thunder being only a tad behind (but otherwise excellent) with tools g or, it was the last I checked yesterday, and I haven’t seen an update for it).

    But, all of those support multiple accounts.

    Not that you need multiple accounts. You can access all of lemmy and kbin from a single account. You just have to search for the community within an instance, and it’ll get pulled in if it isn’t already. But you have to search the !community@instance, or http://instance/c/community format if it isn’t already showing.

    Community discovery can be a bit of a pain at times, but there’s lemmyexplorer that serves as a good source until lemmy itself has more time to develop