The only game I have ever played is FIFA on a PS4. Now I have a gaming laptop but have no idea how I should go about playing games on Linux. Appreciate your help in advance!

  • @FergleFFergleson
    2 months ago

    That, as others have mentioned, is a moderately difficult question for us without knowing what you like or what the specs on your laptop are.

    If you install Steam, they have a pretty generous return policy. You just need to act within 2 weeks of the purchase OR before you hit a total of two hours played in that game - whichever comes first. I like Steam because the Proton compatibility layer built in makes gaming on Linux so incredibly easy.

    I’m hesitant to do so because you undoubtedly like different things, but here is a short list of some of the games I’ve played that I really enjoyed based on total time played.

    Sid Meier’s Civilization (the whole series is good, but 5 is my favorite)
    Football Manager (think of this title as the complex strategy game to FIFA’s action game)

      32 months ago

      I’ve played Stellaris for 12 hours straight, only stopping to go to the bathroom, from 7pm to 7am multiple times. I don’t work nights.

      It’s a problem.

        12 months ago

        I had similar problems at the height of my addiction to that game. I should thank them for breaking things that I liked, because they freed me