I currently use keePass, and use it on both my PC and my phone. I like it because I can keep a copy of my DB on my phone and export it through a few different means. But I can’t seem to find an option to actually sync my local DB against a remote one. I’ve thought about switching to BitWarden but from what I can see it uses a single DB with multiple connections. Is there a password manager that allows ultiple databases (one PC one Phone) with easy syncing between them - specifically from my phone? Or a way to setup keePass to allow syncing with a machine on my home network?

  • @uzay
    14 months ago

    Keepass2Android handles that pretty well. It checks for external changes to the remote database before every local edit. And the desktop nextcloud app notices conflicts as well and can create a second version of the file if there are conflicts. You can then check for the differences with something like keepass-diff. But that should only happen if you change your db without syncing first, so while you are offline or the nextcloud app wasn’t running.