• NaibofTabr
    16 months ago

    I hate getting into these discussions

    gets into the discussion

    with far more experience than you.

    Yup, pretty sure I said that already… in the post you replied to… not sure why you’re throwing it out like you think it detracts from what I said.

    You almost never plan to climb routes this long in a single day

    That makes sense, I’m sure it’s too far to go without a decent rest. But if there’s no safer option for a place to sleep, then why go this route at all?

    They most definitely planned to sleep on the wall

    Yes, that’s my point. They planned to do this on purpose. I’m critical of the decision making.

    This is called big wall climbing

    OK, great, there’s a term for it… that hardly makes it a safe or sane thing to do.

    • @SkippingRelax@lemmy.world
      46 months ago

      That’s fine you can always play golf. Practice your risk assessment skills and superior planning abilities there no need to criticise.

      One last time, this IS safe. I won’t comment on the sanity part as you made it clear this is not your cup of tea, not sure why no one else should be allowed to get out of YOUR comfort zone though.