Well I am here to update y’all on the rules regarding Piracy and unfortunately for some, piracy will remain against the rules permanently.

I have been in touch with @rudd the admin of our instance and he is based out of the Netherlands, and the server is located there as well, therefore piracy is strictly against the rules.

I will emphasize that your DMs are your business not mine, but please don’t make every comment section regarding free content turn into “someone DM me the links” or things along those lines.

I will repeat for the sake of clarity.

No links to downloads of content belonging to Wizards of the Coast, Hasbro, or otherwise.

No links to streaming content otherwise not available for download.

No links to out of print content that is available for purchase through D&D Beyond or other marketplaces.

And do not turn this into a whackamole “well this technically isn’t piracy” situation.

And lastly, yes, this includes [redacted]. I will unfortunately have to seek out and strip those comments and posts.

Love y’all, please don’t shoot the messenger, just doing my (not) job here.

  • BigFig@lemmy.worldOPM
    1 year ago

    First of all, this is the rules of the instance as the legal liability falls on the admins of the instance.

    Second of all, if you want to challenge Hasbro’s ownership of Dungeons and Dragons, have at it, and I will see you in the headlines when they win.

    Third of all, No where did I say OC, Homebrew, or anything of the like were disallowed. We are strictly discussing the act of downloading and sharing content that is OWNED and FOR SALE by DnD and other related companies. In this exact same context it equally disallowed for you to say, post paid for files of someone else’s homebrew purchased of of DMs Guild or another platform. They made those things with THEIR own time and energy too and deserve payment for it.

    Please do NOT come into this community, on this instance, and accuse US of being corporate shills for a corporation such as Hasbro/WoTC.

    I and others have spent hours on this community linking, discussing, and sharing hundreds of posts to dozens of sites, spreading the joy and love of this community and the game we love to play. Exactly ONE single post of mine has ever been directly to WoTC, and it was an announcement page for the newest book.

    I implore you spin up your own instance, put in your own work, and spend your own time if you want to share pirated materials. But it will not be done here and that is final. As a user registered to infosec.pub, you should probably be aware that their server is hosted in Germany and that YOU are also bound by these laws thusly.