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  • Alex
    7 months ago

    Yeah. I will take a look. Just been questioning a lot for a while now if I really belong since most of the time I just don’t think I do since my interests and my focus I feel like aren’t “traditional”. I’ve been coding a lot more thanks to some encouragement from people, but a lot of times I don’t think whatever I code is fancy or sexy enough since I keep everything simple. Been reading as much as I can articles of real world attacks and the tools/techniques use which has helped a lot to make me feel more adequate since a lot of times you don’t need all this fancy techniques and reading how attackers drop whole zip files of like notepad++ with the necessary dlls or whatever helps give a more realistic insight.

    I think if I ever end up with my foot in the door and actually end up doing work, I might end up trying to teach and mentor people since nobody, especially girls, should have to put up with all the bs I had to.

    • shellsharksOPMA
      27 months ago

      Try. It to feel that way. If anything infosec (and “hacker culture at large) is unique thanks to the fact that we are “non-traditional”. Use this to your advantage and don’t give up!