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  • @_zi
    28 months ago

    I’m sorry, I don’t. I’m kinda locked into my niche and don’t consume much of the wider cybersecurity industry or have a handle on who would be a trusted resource outside of my particular realm in application security and vulnerability research.

    For at-least some insight, I can recommend https://www.youtube.com/@cwinfosec its a pretty small channel, but he has some great “Interview with a …” content. I enjoyed his interview with Alh4zr3d on red teaming experience. Most of the interviews are more offensive security focused, but he has a few different jobs that he’s interviewed and can give some exposure to the type of work being done.

    Microsoft’s Security Response Center has also started a podcast called The BlueHat Podcast I haven’t listened to a ton of it yet but they seem to have a decent variety of professionals on talking about stuff which can potentially be a source.