OC for you.

  • holygon [he/him, comrade/them]
    7 months ago

    I know I’m late, but if you’re curious, it does seem that one of the main contributors is a guy named SocDoneLeft, who is a American reformist socialist, that famously is also a little racist, so it’s not really a surprise that he would use CCP instead of CPC. Always remember to check the sources, and the contributors for higly divisive things on Wikipedia. Especially considering that a third of Wikipedia is written by one guy, and he happens to be an anti-Communist border immigration agent with US security clearance. He is not the most unbiased guy in the world as you might imagine.

    However I do get the confusion, since CCP is what the entire West calls it, but even if you disagree with them as a political organization, I still think just calling them what they’re actually called, and not a thing seeped in a lot of bad stuff, is better. I do appreciate that you are willing to use CPC when you were corrected though, that shows that you are not stuck in your ways as many are with this, so thanks for that.

    • 𝕸𝖔𝖘𝖘OP
      27 months ago

      Your other sources, I had no idea about either, so that’s cool (and somewhat disturbing) to learn. If I were sourcing this article for a paper or article, I would actually do due diligence on it, it’s writers, the sources and their writers, their sources and their writers, etc. But, alas, this is social media, so I slacked. I disagree with the the Nazis and their political stances, too, but call them Nazis. Why should anyone else, including the CPC, be any different? I believe Roy Trenneman said it best…