What are some things that you enjoy or dislike about the Fediverse so far.

  • ΛdΛm_𝒷
    4 months ago

    Confused by duplicate communities ( community of the same name and topic hosted on different servers beehaw and Lemmy.ml for example ), so I follow them both and judging by which one is more active, I unsub from it

    Edit : from the one that’s not very active I mean … 😅

    • SamXaviaOP
      24 months ago

      @adam_b Yeah sometimes it’s because they don’t know about the other one or it’s because the other one might have different rules and stuff but tbh it’s just like finding 2 subs of the same topic on Reddit with slightly different names. Hopefully people come together a bit more but it’s still an option if someone just tries to control a community.