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  • @GregoryTheGreat@programming.dev
    19 months ago

    The company I am a contractor for requires you to at least be most of the way through a 4 year degree in software or cybersecurity. They are perfectly fine with paying for your certs. The cert they want it Security+. The cert really just ticks a box for the military contracts. You won’t ever provide risk analysis here. Just patch what ACAS says to patch if it doesn’t break things.

    My degree is Information Security and Assurance.

    I no longer do cybersecurity work as I was not a fan of how much travel was involved and how boring military bases are. Now I am more of a DevOps/software engineer.

    • shellsharksOPMA
      29 months ago

      Did you have a question here? There are lots of cyber roles that do not require a lot of travel - you may need to get out of the military/gov sphere for a bit though. How do you like the DevOps work? That is a good field to be in too and easily translatable back to infosec one day if you want to “come back”.